these are a few of my favourite things...
I love reading, dancing, writing, being canadian, dreaming, art, running, fashion, being vegan, cooking, video games, yoga, film, the 60's, blogging, recycling and my cat. I recently moved from beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah to unique San Francisco, California!

I hope to write for the rest of my life

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Started on: July 28th, 2010


Late Afternoon: bewitched | Daily Outfits | Pinterest on We Heart It

Transparent Eren Jaeger for your blog.

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I miss you, I love you. I feel alone and only want your arms doubly wrapped around me. I know my scared and afraid and never know if I’ll be the same. But I still want you.


George R.R. Martin is ruthless - every death in the Game of Thrones series is tabbed

im not even in the GOT fandom but how the fuck are any of you still breathing